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Converting from Turning Point to Vevox

1.1 Overview

Windows users can convert a Powerpoint from the Turning Point system to Vevox. For Apple users, the process is currently slightly more complicated.

1.2a Windows users

The Windows Powerpoint add-in for Vevox includes a button that will convert some Turning Point type question slides into Vevox slides. It will recognise the part of the slide containing the question, and the list of answers. It then uses that information to build a new Vevox question slide, and it hides the original slide which may then be deleted. Here is a screenshot of the Convert to Poll button in the Vevox Powerpoint tool bar:

Vevox toolbar showing convert to poll

1.2b Apple users

As there is currently no add-in for Powerpoint on Apple, we have to create and run questions from within the Vevox dashboard (in a web browser). However, there is a way to get Turning Point questions into the dashboard - use a Windows PC to do the conversions (as above), connect it to a meeting in the dashboard, and then play the whole presentation. The questions from Powerpoint are then created in the meeting. Clear the results, and you are ready to use the dashboard, and present view, to run the questions in class.


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