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Join an online meeting in O365 Teams

Why might I take part in an online meeting?

Many reasons, especially during periods when attendance on campus may be difficult or if you are not currently local to the University, or undertaking distance learning for any reason.

Common uses for online meetings are personal tutor meetings, class catchup or seminar, or even online exams and assessments. It is also important that people who need someone to talk to have a channel through which they can reach out and speak to someone directly via video or audio chat, which, whilst still not a perfect substitute for face to face meetings, is better than sending an email and waiting for a reply. Setting up an online meeting for a confidential chat via video might be just the thing you need to reduce anxiety or seek advice.

We recommend that departments use Office365 Teams for online meetings so you may receive invites to join and will need to know how to connect.

In this guide:

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is an online office providing people with space to communicate, share files, and organise events.

You can learn more about teams on the IT Service Teams page which links to guides to explain how to:

Teams can, therefore, support students with working together on projects as well as communicating with their tutors.

How do I access Teams?

  • Check you are able to access Office 365 using via This page will redirect you to the Warwick single sign-on page and prompt you to login using your username and password.
  • Install the Teams app. This is not essential but it will make the experience easier than relying on the web version which requires you to update your browser's security settings. The app can be installed on computers or mobile devices.
  • If you prefer not to install the app, you can access Teams via via the office 365 apps icon at the top left corner. You will need to allow 3rd party cookies in your browser.

How do I join an online meeting?

Your department has scheduled a meeting and requested that you attend. Whatever the reason, there are some steps you should take, wherever possible, to ensure the best quality of connection. Teams works well via 4G (mobile phone) connections and even better via broadband so you should not experience major issues but as with all technical solutions, there may be occasional problems.

Before taking part:

  • Ensure that you have both a microphone and speakers available so that you can communicate. Many headphones combine both functions and laptops will have both available.
  • Find a quiet space without too much background noise so that you can be heard and can hear clearly.
  • Check your internet connection - use a network cable if possible or find a location where you have a strong wireless signal. Staff know that this is not always possible and will make allowances of course if your home network is slow or your device is not as fast as it used to be.

You may have been invited using a link or the meeting has been added to your calendar.

  1. I have received a link in an email.
    Click on it. This will take you directly to the Team's meeting.
  2. I have been sent a meeting invite.
    Check your Outlook (email) calendar. If you have been invited to a meeting it will appear here. You will be prompted to join the meeting when it begins.

Please watch the Join a meeting video.

Meetings can be recorded - you will be prompted if this is taking place.