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About the Extended Classroom at Warwick

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What do we mean by Extended Classroom?

Get a teacher and at least one student in an empty room and you have a minimal classroom. Add to that technologies, techniques and learning designs to sustain and amplify the value of their interactions, then you have an extended classroom. Go further, using 21st Century technologies for enriching the classroom and widening access beyond the here and now, and you have the Extended Classroom.

At the University of Warwick we are developing a suite of technologies, spaces (physical and virtual), services and techniques to allow our staff and students to realise the full potential of the Extended Classroom.


The Extended Classroom initiative is coordinated by Robert O'Toole from the Academic Technology Team.

Contact r dot b dot o-toole at warwick dot ac dot uk for more information and to join the project.

The Extended Classroom suite

Extend your classroom with Warwick's growing suite of well supported technologies.

The Extended Classroom at Warwick initiative

Warwick’s institutional strategy includes a commitment to flexibility for students – as both an extension of curriculum opportunities and as an expansion in the repertoire of practices used for teaching and learning. Drivers for this include: a more tailored student experience; access to international opportunities for all; widening participation; the challenges of rapidly scaling a high-quality campus experience beyond our physical capacity.

We are developing an approach to these challenges appropriate to large, internationalising, campus based research-intensive universities like Warwick. We call this approach The Extended Classroom. It begins by affirming the teacher-student relationship at the core, but then carefully extending the relationship over space and time, and across institutional boundaries as appropriate. First, we understand what is important in inter-personal interactions, then we build the supporting framework around this, extending the repertoire of informed design choices to exploit opportunities for flexibility.

The initial Extended Classroom project is part of the HEA Strategic Enhancement Programme Flexible Learning Strand. It is a joint project involving Academic Tech, Audio Visual Services, LDC, IATL, the Students' Union and Teaching Quality.