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Visualising the future of Warwick's extended classroom

On Friday 20th February 2015 we held the first of our design thinking sessions. It was co-faciltated by Laura Brodrick (graphic and creative facilitator from Think Big Picture), Amber Thomas and Robert O'Toole. The session ran from 10.30 to 3.30 on a "drop-in and participate" basis, with some larger groups assembling at points during the day. Our Design Thinkers included: Anne Wilson (Student Careers and Skills), Sara Hattersley (CLL), Mary Stott (IT), Antony Brewerton (Library), Rebecca Woolley (Library), Ade Shonola (Computer Science), Elaine Pang (Centre for Education Studies), Ana Kedves (Centre for Applied Linguistics), Sarah Chen (Engineering), Emma King (LDC), Becky Fisher (IATL), Amy Clarke (IATL), Adam Cartwright (IATL), Katsuko Nagata (Language Centre), Sean Allan (German Studies), Zhiyan Guo (Language Centre), Teresa Mackinnon (Language Centre), Jonathan Owen (Audio Visual Services) and from Academic Technology, Jim Judges, Russell Boyatt, Samuel Moulem and Chris Coe.

The resulting picture, created by Laura as we talked, represents many ideas from many people. It is not heavily filtered, as it results from an open "inspiration space" activity. We will continue with this inspiration gathering, feeding the creative-critical dialogue, and informing the creation of new ideas and lo-fi prototypes (ideation space) which may eventually turn into reality (implementation space).

This is a magnifiable image of the rich picture that we created (mouse over to magnify):

The participants left these comments in the visitors book:

  • Great session, very inspiring and informative.
  • Excellent session, very inspiring.
  • Thanks for visualising :)
  • Really interesting, would have liked longer to learn and imagine!
  • Really useful and inspiring to be the beginning of the process. Can't wait to see what happens next!
  • An innovative way to learn outside the classroom and to embrace the new technologies into teaching and learning.
  • Interesting to discuss this with people from different departments :)
  • Interesting session which gave insightful ideas.
  • Useful discussion and method for thinking through a complex issue.
  • Lots of exciting possibilities to ponder on.
  • Really valuable to see visualisation of the ideas - useful starting point for discussion.
  • A very thought provoking session.
  • Really stimulating session.