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Lecture Capture Policy 2016

The University has a Lecture Capture Policy to guide provision and use of the Lecture Capture Service.

It was developed during 2016 and approved by Senate on 1st February 2017

Policy Development


At the request of the Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC) a task-and-finish group was created in 2016 to review the current policy on lecture capture.

The Task and Finish Group reported into AQSC on 30th November 2016 with the Final Report.

DOWNLOAD: Final Report of the Lecture Capture Policy Task and Finish Group (PDF)

Executive Summary of the Final Report

In response to staff and student concerns about the adoption of the Lecture Capture Service, a cross-university task-and-finish group was set up in summer 2016. The group discussed concerns and challenges in depth.

It has steered the production of a proposed Policy, Consent Form and Guidance. It has also produced some key messages to aid appropriate uptake of the service during 2016/17.

The group has made four key recommendations:

 Warwick’s policy remains opt-in

 Regulation 28 requires revision to support modern digital teaching practices

 Staff require guidance on copyright

 Staff require greater support in lecture skills

Some of these recommendations require further work beyond the scope of the Task-and-Finish Group.

Lecture Capture is a topic that attracts strong views from staff and students alike. It raises many issues of academic practice that cannot be adequately addressed by a Lecture Capture Policy alone. In autumn 2016 two WIHEA-funded projects reported on their evaluation of student use of lecture capture and found it to have a positive effect.

For the Review, the Group has aired these issues and aimed to ensure that the Draft Revised Policy, including Consent Form and Guidance is sensitive to those concerns whilst ensuring that the Service can operate. The University now needs to consider the revised policy and consider what else can be done to support effective academic practice in a digital age.

Please download the final report for further details.


Membership and Terms of Reference are below, and you can download the full review brief below.

Terms of Reference

This is a fixed life task-and-finish group with the objective to create a formal Lecture Capture Policy

This will require the group to:

* identify and address areas of concern, escalating those that are beyond the remit of the Policy to solve

* take input from both within and beyond Warwick (a full consultation is not in scope)

* decide on the scope of the revised Policy

* draft key instruments of implementation such as consent forms

This group reports to AQSC.


Christina Hughes, PVC, CHAIR

Charlie Hindhaugh, Education Officer SU

Steve Luci Matthews, UCU

Simon Gilling, Legal Advisor

Clair Henrywood, Teaching Quality

Jonathan Owen, Service Owner for Lecture Capture

Amber Thomas, Academic Technology Manager, TEL SG Chair

Kate Owen, WMS, representing WMS

David Wood, Maths, representing Sciences

Jeremy Smith, Economics, representing Social Sciences

Sarah Richardson, History, representing Arts

Documents Relating to the 2016 Review of Lecture Capture Policy

Lecture Capture Policy Review Brief v3 (Word Document)

Lecture Capture Policy Framework (dated 13/05/2016) (Word Document)

Meeting One 27/04/2016 Draft Notes (Word Document)

Meeting Two 23/05/2016 Draft Notes (Word Document)

Use of Lecture Capture in Lecture Theatres: Stats (Excel Spreadsheet)

Decision tree "should I record my lectures" (PDF Document)

Key messages for 2016/17 (1st July 2016) (Word Document)

Draft survey report (June 2016) (Word Document)

Draft proposed presenter consent form (15th September 2016) (PDF Document)

Draft explanatory note to presenters (15th September 2016) (PDF Document)

Draft IP Statement on Teaching Materials at Warwick (5th July 2016) (Word Document)

Issues log FORUM

Staff survey SURVEY (now closed)

Final Report of the Lecture Capture Policy Task and Finish Group (30th November 2016) (PDF Document)