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Teaching Spaces

The use of technology in classrooms and lecture theatres is growing, partly driven by changes in the ways we teach and learn and partly by the increase in student-owned devices.

At Warwick, we have over 250 dedicated teaching rooms. Centrally timetabled rooms are supported by IT Services A/V team and have a standard set-up and ITS-supported teaching room machines. We offer a centrally managed automated lecture capture service. We loan personal response systems (clickers). Locally timetabled rooms vary in their arrangements depending on the way the department manages them. We have five innovative spaces managed by the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning. We have the Ramphal Building which was refurbished in 2012. For video conferencing we have a number of suites, including the Ramphal International Portal. The Library runs the Teaching Grid experimental teaching space.

Space management and timetabling

Centrally timetabled rooms directory

What A/V you will find in these rooms: Centrally timetabled rooms A/V facilities

What software you will find on the teaching computers in these rooms: Teaching room Win7 machines

Automated lecture capture service

PRS (clickers) service

Video-conferencing suites

Other teaching spaces: IATL innovative teaching spaces, Ramphal Building, Teaching Grid, and the New Teaching and Learning Building (Oculus).

As evident from the list above, the design of teaching spaces to accommodate innovative teaching styles requires bringing together expertise in furniture, layout, decor, projection, power, wifi, mics and cameras. To optimise the use of those teaching spaces for teaching and learning, we need to promote effective pedagogical approaches and provide technology training and support. The Academic Technologies team are working with the Audio Visual team to understand the requirements for technology in teaching spaces.

Drop in

Every Wednesday afternoon, 14:00-16:00 in the Library Teaching Grid. Please check the Events Calendar to confirm.

Extended Classroom (TEL) Forum

Visit the Moodle page for future events, recordings and booking.