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Identity Management current activities

  • IdM account management is now based on Microsoft's FIM
  • Work has commenced on the replacement of the current Membership system. Information, management and interfaces will move to the new FIM based platform. Consumers of information currently held in Membership will then be migrated to FIM.
  • Shortly a new target group will be created called ‘External Partner’. This target group is intended for people who are not members of the University but may require authorised access to our systems. For example, members of the NHS, based away from the University, who are helping to develop courses within WMS.

    People in this target group will be given a basic IT account, so that they are able to logon and use some of the Universities systems as appropriate. They will not receive:
    • A University Identity Card
    • A Warwick email account
    • E-journal or library access
    • Workstation login
    • VPN Access