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Changes to preferred name and email alias

New starters

If you declared your preferred name before you joined Warwick, we will reflect this in IT systems and use this preferred name to construct your email alias (an address to receive email). The name registered in the ‘preferred name’ fields in SITS (students) or HR (staff) will be the name shown in the global address book and Single Sign-On applications.

For example: Li Zhang has a preferred name of Alison. Her display name in the email address book is Zhang, Alison and her email is

Changing your preferred name

If you're a student, you can change your preferred name in the Student Records system:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the My Data page.
  3. Follow the Edit my personal data link at the right-hand side and update your preferred name.

If you're a staff member and want to change your preferred name, please contact your local HR representative or email hr dot services at warwick dot ac dot uk.

IT systems will display your preferred name, including the global address book, within 24 hours.

Email aliases

If the first letter of your preferred name is the same as the first letter of your legal name, your email alias will not change. For example, Annette Kurten wishes to be known as Anne Kurten. Her name in the global address book will change from Kurten, Annette to Kurten, Anne – and her email alias (or whatever it is currently) will not change.

If the first character of your preferred name is different to the first letter of your legal name you'll receive an extra email alias. For example: Kim Smith wishes to be known as Michelle Smith. Her name in the global address book will display as Smith, Michelle and she will receive an extra email alias

If you want to use your new email alias as your main email address (which is displayed on your outgoing email) please request this via the ITS Help Desk. You will continue to receive any email sent to your old alias.