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Third Party Support Accounts (VPN access)

Only complete this form if you have already requested or have a VPN set up for 3rd party accounts. If you do not already have a 3rd Party VPN service, please request this first via the IT helpdesk.

VPN Service accounts are a means of gaining bespoke access for a sponsored university member. Once a VPN profile has been set up to access remote services you will need to use the VPN service to traverse the Campus Firewall. In order to comply with JANET's acceptable use policy (AUP) we will require traceability logging of all users on the system as stated in the University of Warwick Acceptance Statement (AUP) (Word Document). Please make sure all parties involved in account management have agreed to the JANET AUP.

If approved, the accounts will be subject to the university's password change policy for 3rd party accounts which the external contact will be responsible for.


Primary University Contact

Secondary University Contact


Third Party Contact (Manager) – Please note this person will be contacted regarding the account details (including password resets).

Required Account Details

3rd party Network Access Requirements

AUP Agreement – See AUP links at the top of the page
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