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Check quota

To check your UNIX quota:

  • Login to UNIX
  • At the prompt type quota -v
  • Your allocated quota is displayed under the quota heading
  • Your current usage will be displayed under the usage quota
  • If you usage is close to your quota remove some files or email

The var/mail is where the inbox is located for users of Pine, PC-Pine. It is where email is initially delivered before being collected by Eudora and any other -mail program that is using mail.csv as a POP3 or IMAP server.

The home directory /home/staff/username contains all the rest of your UNIX folders.

There is a one-week period between exceeding the quota and the suspension of an account. During this time it is still possible to send and receive mail, unless you have exceeded the quota limit at which time your account will stop working immediately. In either scenario it is always possible to log into the account from a telnet session and reduce the amount of space used by removing some of the mail or some of the big files.