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AV Services: About Us

What we do

Audio Visual (AV) Services maintain all of the centrally timetabled rooms across the University's three campuses. We check and maintain all these rooms regularly and respond to any problems reported as quickly as possible to minimise any disruption.

Reporting problems with AV equipment

If you find any problems with the AV equipment in a centrally timetabled room, please report the fault by filling in our online fault report form, or calling 024 765 (22463).

Report a fault online

The rooms and areas we support

To find out about the areas we support, what they look like and the equipment they contain, follow the links below:

Useful links:

To book rooms or theatres, please contact Room Bookings
To see timetables of when centrally timetabled rooms are available please contact Timetabling
To see a map of the campus sites indicating where buildings are located please see the Campus Maps
For instructions on how to connect your Apple laptop to our eqipment please see Mac Instructions