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Audio Visual Charges

Additional Equipment

Additional equipment setup for non centrally timetabled / committee rooms includes general charges of:-

  • Data Projector Laptop Screen setup: £30
  • Full PA system setup: £75

However, please email or phone us with more information for a personalised quote or advice on which equipment to book.

Video Conferencing

This service is now completely free of charge during office hours.

Multimedia Production and Editing

The table below states the basic charges. If your requirements are more specific please contact us and we will provide you with a quote for your job.

DVD Copy (no editing) £3.50
CD Copy (no editing) £3.50
Audio Cassette to CD £3.50 per CD + editing time*
VHS to DVD (top and tail) £10
Mini DV to DVD (top and tail) £10
Additional Editing Time (1/2 hour minimum)* £20 per hour


All of our finalised DVDs and CDs can be labelled to your requirements. Please bring labelling information along with the media.


£10 per recording.

Fault reports in NON Centrally Timetabled Rooms

A £20 call out charge will apply when we make a call to any NON centrally timetabled room.

Out of office hours technician overtime charges

We charge £20 per hour for technical assistance and setups out of office hours.

These are outside hours between 8.30-19.00(18.00 Fridays) during term and 8.30-17.00(16.00 Fridays) out of term.

There is a minimum 3 hour charge for weekends.