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PA Kit

Please note: The PA Kit is not intended to be loaned out for use to support social events and activities of that nature. It should be booked to facilitate and support University meetings and teaching activities only. Any requests beyond this scope would have to be considered on a case by case basis only, having taken into account both available staff resource and spare equipment capacity.

AV Services has a Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro portable PA system available for temporary setup.

This PA Kit is available for all staff to loan. Students wishing to borrow these items must ask a member of staff to book the item on your behalf. When borrowing any item of our loan stock you will be expected to take full responsibility for this item and return it in the same condition it was loaned to you in.


Before conducting your session, we would advise you testing out the PA kit to ensure you are comfortable using the equipment in your chosen usage environment and to minimise the risk of encountering any potential problems.

When using the wireless microphone please ensure to stand away from the speakers at all times, this will help to avoid creating a feedback loop which can result in a potential for interference/generating a loud screeching sound.

Please be aware of the range of the wireless microphone as after moving more than 10-15 metres away from the speaker system the wireless microphone may start to lose signal, this can result in poor audio quality being experienced.

Our PA kit also has Bluetooth connectivity, however the 3.5mm jack offers a more reliable physical connection should you wish to connect external portable devices to the speaker.

The unit can operate for a short time via it's built in battery power (if it is fully charged), however plugging the unit into the mains power offers a far more reliable service.

 User Guide