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Audio and Video Conferencing

Our conferencing service can enable you to interact with people in other locations around the world, without the expense and inconvenience of travelling to those places.

Getting you connected

Our conferencing service is built on a system called Starleaf, which works by setting up virtual conferences.

When you submit a request, we will set up a virtual conference and send you a link to a web page with the information regarding how to join.

Those outside the University who wish to join the conference can do so in a number of ways:

  • Using their own video conferencing equipment (h.323/SIP)
  • From a PC or laptop using the Starleaf app
  • Using Skype for Business (but please note that ordinary Skype is not compatible)
  • Using a telephone (audio only telephone conference).

For your own connection to the Starleaf conference you can use:

  • One of our Starleaf-equipped rooms (see list below)
  • Skype for Business on a PC or laptop (all members of staff have access to Skype for Business)
  • Using a telephone (your own, or in a meeting room)

Starleaf equipment is installed in the following rooms:

University House
Central Campus

How do I use the Starleaf audio and video conferencing systems?

You can find our quickstart guide here. Alternatively, you can book a 1:1 training session with one of our technicians by calling us on 024 765 22463.

First-time or one-off connection? Test it!

We strongly advise you to carry out a test if you are connecting to a video conference participant for the first time. This will establish that they have been able to install the software properly, that their camera and microphone are adequate, and that they have a good internet connection. If you let us have contact details (such as an email address), we can contact the participant(s) and arrange a test.

Regular calls for a long-term group? Ask for a permanent conference

If you are using video or telephone conferencing for long-term collaboration on a project, we can set up a permanent conference. This means that you can connect as many times as you need to, using the same connection details every time.