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Centre for Applied Linguistics Case Study

The Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) has been working with the British Council in Japan on "Global TIES" - an e-learning course set up to help university students and business professionals work well across different cultures. The "TIES" of "Global TIES" stands for "Training in Inter-cultural EffectivenesS".

CAL rolled out a three module version of the course in June 2012 for a group of business professionals located in Tokyo, Japan. It included four live video sessions, conducted from Warwick.

Audio Visual services were able to contribute to the success of the course by helping develop CAL's sense of what is possible for the live video seminar component, using the Cisco Telepresence video conferencing facilities alongside WebEx desktop sharing. Both are available at Warwick.

As well as providing the facilities, the Audio-Visual team were involved from the start, offering support and advice throughout the project, and helping the four interactive sessions to run as they happened.

Find out more about Global TIES (video)

Feedback from those involved
"To have the expertise of AV personnel so readily available and to be able to make use of the video conferencing facilities at Warwick has enabled CAL to expand its educational vision to one which not only makes use of cutting edge technology but also enables promotion of courses to clients who might otherwise not be able to experience CAL courses."
- Andrew Davidson, Senior Teaching Fellow, CAL
"I work for a university and would like to recommend the student version of the course. It is an ideal programme for students to experience UK-style lectures and learn global communication skills."
- A participant in the course
"I would like to participate in any similar future programmes. Thank you."
- A participant in the course