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FAQ and Known Issues

  • If I have a lecture recorded will there be technicians in the lecture theatre filming and recording the audio?
    • No, lecture capture is a none intrusive process, your presentation is recorded from the PC/visualiser outputs, audio is recorded from the radio mic and if you want to be filmed we use a small wall mounted camera located at the back of the room.
  • Do I have to be filmed when recording my lecture?
    • No you don't, the default setting is to not record the presenter, you must make a request if you wish to be filmed.
  • Is it easy to use the recording equipment in the lecture theatre?
    • Yes, if you have requested your lecture to be recorded all you need to do is ensure that you switch on and wear the radio mic everything else is done for you remotely, the system is scheduled to record your lecture from 1 minute past the hour until 1 minute to the hour (unless timing is specified).
  • Will the visualiser be recorded?
    • Yes, the visualiser output is recorded when it is selected on the control panel, if you are using a room with two projectors (R0.21 and S0.21) you must press the 'Echo Visualiser' button on the control panel to show the visualiser output on both screens for it to be recorded.
  • Why is there no sound on my recording?
    • Audio is only recorded from the radio microphones provided in the lecture theatres, you must wear a radio mic and ensure that it is switched ON.
  • Why is my voice so quiet in the recording?
    • The radio mic must be attached to your clothing approx 15cm from your mouth (preferably in the centre of your chest), if you generally talk quietly you must move the mic closer to your mouth.
  • Personal Capture will not launch and is telling me I have 'No Sound Card'
    • 'No Sound Card' is a bit misleading - really, the software is telling you that you do not have a microphone or webcam connected to your computer.