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Lecture Capture: Staff Info

What is lecture capture?

If you lecture in any of the centrally timetabled or locally timetabled rooms we cover, you can ask us to automatically capture your lectures. We'll extract the data from your booking form and the central timetable to create a personalised recording schedule for you.

You can decide which elements of your lecture we capture, edit your recordings and control how and when they're distributed.

What recording options are there?

In both automated Lecture Capture and Personal Capture you can choose which aspects of the presentation you wish to record. Here are some examples of the recording options available:

Presentation With Audio Commentary

This option will record your presentation and voice. Everything shown on the lecture theatre projector is recorded, including the visualiser output. You'll need to use the radio mic provided.

Presentation With Video of Presenter and Audio Commentary

This is similar to the Presentation with Audio Commentary option, but with an additional video of you as you present alongside the slides.

Chalk/White Board Presentations With Audio Commentary

Available in some lecture theatres, using the wall-mounted camera at the back of the room we can record Chalk/Whiteboard lectures along with your commentary. You'll need to use the radio mic provided.

How do captured lectures get published?

It's up to you: we can either make the recordings available automatically, so your students can access them within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can choose to have them set to unavailable (say until you've edited them), and then make available yourself. This can be done in Moodle.

You can edit your recordings at any time and they can remain available for up to 4 years.

Further information on how to access your recordings via Moodle can be found here.

Which rooms have Lecture Capture capabilities?

It's available in every centrally timetabled lecture theatre, many of the larger seminar rooms and a number of locally timetabled rooms.

For more information see our list of supported rooms.

If you want to record in a room that doesn't have recording equipment installed please contact us at to discuss your requirements.

Personal Capture

You can install Lecture Capture software on your computer, laptop or Macbook and use it to capture audio, your display and video from your webcam. You can use it to record lectures, seminars and other related content for your students whenever and wherever you want. Once it's uploaded to the lecture capture system you have the same benefits as an automated recording.

The Personal Capture software has recently been updated and any older versions of the software that you may have installed on your own device, are no longer compatible. If you are an existing Personal Capture user or would like to start using Personal Capture, please contact lecturecapture at warwick dot ac dot uk to request access to the software.