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Universal Capture: Personal

The new 'Universal Capture: Personal' application allows you to record presentations, learning modules and tutorials in the comfort of your office or home on a PC or MAC workstation, providing you are logged into Echo360 via an active internet connection.

Universal Capture: Personal can record whatever is on your computer screen, including Power point presentations and web pages on a browser, as well as your voice and the video from your webcam if desired.

The software allows you to start, pause and stop your recording and, when stopped, it is automatically uploaded to Echo360. Once the recording is uploaded and processed, you will have the same benefits as with an automated recording. You will be able to edit and publish in the Echo 360 cloud.

To access Universal Capture: Personal you will need to have set up an Echo360 account (submit a Consent form) and created your Echo360 password (login to Echo360, enter your user ID, which is your Warwick email address, and then select 'Forgot your password' to set a new one).

To install the application, your Computer or Laptop needs to be running Windows 10. MAC devices need macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or higher.

Universal Capture: Personal installation and configuration information can be found below -

How install on a Managed Computer or Laptop

How to install on Unmanaged Computer, Laptop or MAC

How to Set-up and Record with Universal Capture