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Personal Capture

Personal Capture allows you to record presentations, learning modules and tutorials in the comfort of your office or home on a PC or MAC workstation.
Personal Capture can record whatever is on your computer screen, including Powerpoint presentations and websites, your voice and the video from your webcam if desired.

The software allows you to quickly and easily playback your recordings, perform editing and publish to the Lecture Capture System. Once it's uploaded you have the same benefits as an automated recording.

How to install Personal Capture on a University Managed PC

How to install Personal Capture on an Unmanaged PC

How to install Personal Capture on an Unmanaged Mac

To Download Personal Capture on your PC or MAC follow these instructions:

1. Access Echo360 Via the Moodle using the Lecture Capture Block link:

Lecture Capture Moodle Block

2. Locate the cog icon at the top of the Echo360 page:

Echo360 cog

3. Click on Downloads:

Echo360 downloads

4. Download the correct version you require for your computer:

Echo360 download versions

5. Open the downloaded program and follow the installation instructions.

6. Once the program has finished installing open it and Click the Login Icon on the app to Link the app to your Echo360 account.

echo360 login

7. Login via the browser:

echo360 login web

Once you have Logged into Echo360 you can return to the Personal Capture application.