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Booking procedure

At Warwick you need to book with the Audio Visual Department, telephone 024 765 (22463), use the Video Conferencing booking form or email Audio Visual Services. All bookings are made on a first come, first served basis so it advisable to book your conference as soon as possible.

Please provide the other party involved in your video conference with the following information:

  • Your name and contact details;
  • The date, day, start and end times of the conference as booked at Warwick;
  • Warwick University ISDN number 024 7646 5131, it is the same number for all six lines; Warwick University IP Number
  • TV studio telephone number 024 765 (72610), only to be used for emergencies during the period of the conference;
  • Audio Visual Department telephone number 024 765 (22463).

Organising a Video Conference

  1. Decide with the other participants of the videoconference when you wish to hold the conference.
  2. Decide which person is going to be the main organiser of the conference, who will chair it and who will be the contact at each of the other sites.
  3. If your videoconference involves three or more sites it will require Switching Services (such as JANET Videoconferencing Switching Services) resource as well as local studio facilities. Because Switching Services resources are limited, you must book your videoconference well in advance.
  4. Ensure all sites have the appropriate digital service.
  5. Overseas connections should be tested before assuming they will work, a dry run is highly recommended.
  6. The person organising the conference should make sure all bookings have been made. Be aware of time difference. It is good practice to connect 10 minutes prior to start time to allow fine tuning of the lighting, seating and sound system.
  7. Confirm all details with all concerned a few days before the conference.


Phone number


024 765 (22463)