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I am having problems with Webex

If you are experiencing problems using Webex and need immediate assistance, contact the UK support number 0800 3581236. For all other enquiries contact the AV team.

Note regarding managed desktops

Please note that if you are using a managed ITS desktop it may not be possible for Cisco to remotely access your machine in order to diagnose any hardware or configuration issues. If you are experiencing problems with Webex and use a managed desktop, try the steps below first to see if they resolve your issue. If not, contact the AV team.

Audio problems (headset not working, feedback/echo etc.)

  1. Make sure you are using a recommended USB headset and/or microphone, and that it works correctly in other applications
  2. Using speakers is not recommended. If you are using Webex in a group situation and have to use speakers, you may need to turn them down a little to reduce the possibility of feedback
  3. If the above steps do not resolve the issue, check the devices are installed or selected correctly using Control Panel (Windows) or System Preferences (Mac)

Video problems (camera not showing your video or anyone else's)

  1. Check the device works in other applications
  2. Many webcams have a light to indicate it is on and being used, check to see if this is on
  3. In Webex, check you have started your video feed - this isn't on by default. There is a small video icon at the bottom of the screen which will go green if you are sending video
  4. If you can't see the video from other participants, ask them to go through the above checks