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Infrastructure Cabling Service Metrics

Time to complete moves, changes and installations against agreed SLAs (using Help Desk). Note, times given in brackets is the maximum time allowed for resolution, typically response and fix times are much shorter.

Priority one calls (Maximum 4 hours):

Priority two calls (Maximum 2 working days):

Priority three calls (Maximum 5 working days):
New outlet request surveyed, quoted and costs sent back to customer. Typically these requests are completed within 2 to 3 working days.

Priority four calls (No specific time):
Upon receipt of cost code or authority to proceed, new outlets will be installed within agreed timescales with customer.

Time to respond to faults against agreed SLAs (using Help Desk).

Priority one calls (Maximum 4 hours):
Attendance to site for all “critical” infrastructure backbone faults. i.e. fibre optic cable carrying fire alarm signals, security and voice. Resolution of fault may fall outside the SLA, dependant on nature of fault. Where the fault occurs during the normal working day, initial response will typically be within 15 minutes. Outside of normal working hours, response by the Infrastructure team will be on a best endevours basis, but a 4 hour response to site is provided by the framework contractor,this is invoked using the MI process.

Priority two calls (2 working days):
Resolution of all P1 calls detailed above.
Resolution of all “non-critical” infrastructure backbone faults. (where materials are available)

Typically P2 calls are resolved the same working day or a temporary fix put into place.

Priority three calls (5 working days):
Resolution of CAT6 cable faults. Typically CAT6 cable faults are fixed within 24 hours of notice given to the Infrastructure Team

Priority four calls (No specific time):

Metrics detailing service requests and incidents handled by the infrastructure team:


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