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What's new in IT Services Linux Desktop 3.2

  • Default Desktop Environment is now GNOME 3 Classic mode.
    • GNOME 3 is very different from GNOME 2 which was used prior. It does not provide the same ease of customisation as GNOME 2 did but it does support extensions.
    • There is no screensaver. The GNOME developers decided to effectively remove the screensaver, all that's left is screen blanking and locking. The reasoning is here.
  • KDE is no longer available as SUSE have removed it from SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.
  • If you select an alternate desktop session to GNOME Classic this preference will not follow you from machine to machine. See Why does my desktop session preference not follow me from machine to machine?
  • Mount points for removable drives are now under /var/run/${USER}/media/ (previously /media/)
  • Bash is now version 4.
  • Newer versions of included libraries.
  • Adobe Reader 9 is no longer included. SUSE removed it as it is no longer being supported by Adobe. (Details) Still available is the version of Adobe Reader 8 that includes the plugin required to open PDFs encumbered with FileOpen DRM which only works with Adobe Reader 8. It should not be used for anything other than dealing with PDFs encumbered with FileOpen DRM such as those supplied by the The British Library
  • uow_wastebin handler has been removed. This functionality is now provided by GNOME 3. Default is still to remove items from Wastebasket after 3 days (See Why isn't that file I put in the Wastebasket in the Wastebasket any more? )