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Departmental Access Request

Whilst access to the CRM system is being managed on a staged departmental basis in line with the CRM project plan, it has become clear that a number of non-pilot departments may benefit from the early use of a standardised user interface to the CRM system. A CRM Core Solution has therefore been developed; this is intended to cater for the requirements of the majority of departments and will allow a limited number of non-pilot departments to be brought onto the CRM system more quickly than originally envisaged.

If you think your department would benefit from using the CRM Core Solution, please complete and submit the questionnaire below. The CRM Team will then assess your department’s needs to determine whether the Core Solution is suitable, prior to contacting you to discuss next steps. Please note that decisions are made on a case by case basis and completion of the questionnaire does not guarantee access to the CRM system. Please also note that the CRM Core Solution will not be suitable for departments which have very specific requirements.

Does your department have an existing CRM system? (required)
Will you require your existing data to be migrated into Dynamics CRM?
How will your department use the system? (select all that apply) (required)
Do you anticipate that your department will input confidential information that should not be visible to other CRM users? (required)
Privacy notice
This data on this form will be used to help determine whether or not your department can be granted access to the CRM Core Solution. The CRM team will store your request for access and your contact details in order that you can be contacted if further information is required, but the data will not be used for any other purpose.
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