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About the CRM Project

In September 2013, a pilot project was launched with the long-term vision of delivering an enterprise-wide CRM system for the University of Warwick. The project’s key goal is the centralisation and sharing of external contact information and relationships across the University. This pilot project, which will take place from 2014 to 2016, will cover the following departments:

  • External Affairs (Corporate Relations)
  • Warwick Business School
  • Warwick Conferences
  • Student Careers and Skills
  • External Affairs (Development Office and Marketing (Alumni Relations, Events, Stakeholder Relations))

Some key project milestones and highlights are listed below. Further details about the project can be obtained from the CRM Project Manager at

Oct 2013 – Mar 2014

  • Confirmation of project scope, project and budget approval
  • Project discovery phase to deliver high-level business requirements across pilot departments and fit-gap analysis against candidate platform functionality
  • Commencement of detailed business analysis phase for initial departments in rollout schedule
  • Commencement of recruitment process for CRM analyst developer

Mar 2014 – May 2014

  • Platform selection and licence acquisition
  • Delivery of administrator/super-user training
  • University tendering process for consultancy engagement to support implementation
  • Development of release management solutions
  • Commencement of work on integration between CRM and other systems (e.g. SAP)

May 2014 – September 2014

  • Commencement of system design and build for first pilot department
  • Recruitment of CRM analyst-developer
  • Preparatory and scoping work with subsequent departments in rollout schedule
  • Development of user guidance documentation for publication on CRM service webpages

September 2014 – November 2014

  • Completion of system build, UAT and system testing, data migration and go-live on production for
  • Implementation of integrated third-party customer intelligence dataset (InsideView, now Social Insights)
  • Work on master data management (development of proactive and reactive measures to ensure the integrity of master data (e.g. organisational records) within the CRM system) (ongoing)
  • Finalisation of business requirements for Corporate Relations and Warwick Business School and commencement of system build and UAT stages
  • Finalisation of CRM service webpages
  • Investigation into integrated marketing solutions that will allow bulk emailing, analytics and reporting on customer activity and responses from within the CRM (ongoing)

November 2014 – March 2015

  • Completion of system build, UAT/ system testing, user training and go-live on production for Corporate Relations and WBS
  • Completion of system build, UAT/system testing, user training for WBS
  • Continuation of work on master data management and integrated marketing solutions
  • Establishment of CRM service board, which will have responsibility for overseeing, logging and prioritising all change requests to the CRM system. The board will serve as a forum for users to come together to discuss proposals for change, any issues arising with regard to shared data, general system usability, etc., and for the discussion of service developments, enhancements and fixes for those who have already gone live on CRM.
  • Delivery of process workshops for External Affairs
  • Initial project planning for Warwick Conferences

March 2015 – June 2015

  • Go-live for WBS, including completion of written user manual
  • Ongoing work to develop training materials for delivery within Moodle
  • Delivery of detailed requirements-gathering workshops for External Affairs and development of requirements specification
  • Completion of marketing automation solution trial and confirmation of selection of Click Dimensions as marketing platform of choice
  • Delivery of scoping session for Warwick Conferences
  • Initial engagement with Student Careers and Skills

June 2015 - October 2015

  • Recruitment process for master data administrator
  • Development of prototype for import of Kinetic data into Dynamics
  • Delivery of scoping session for Student Careers and Skills and my.Advantage familiarisation
  • Inaugural meeting of CRM Service Board
  • Ongoing data cleansing/de-duplication, service fixes/tweaks/enhancements, CRM administration and user management, etc.
  • Development of CRM 'golden rules' to support users and encourage CRM best practice
  • Development of account management custom views , CRM dashboards and reporting (ongoing)