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What will be expected of me and what support will I get?

In order for us to achieve the full benefits of CRM, a few things will be essential, notably a commitment by all users of the system to share data and relationships and to use the system proactively, regularly and productively. This will inevitably require some behavioural and cultural changes across the institution. An acceptable use policy has been designed that sets out key principles and parameters of engagement, which users will be asked to abide by when applying for an account that will allow them access to the system.

Making changes to established business processes and ways of working can be challenging. The project team recognises this and is doing all that it can to support and help staff through this process. Departments will be involved in a number of things that will inform the design of the system such that it can be configured and customised to suit departments’ individual operational processes; these will include a mapping or review of business workflows as well as workshops to gather business requirements. Briefing sessions and training will also be organised for staff, both for those who will be using the system on a daily basis as well as for managers. All this will be delivered as part of the project plan.

Any requests for follow-on training or further system development, or any feedback on the system, can be submitted to the CRM application team at Users can also receive individual support once they have started to use the live system, by logging support calls through Service Now.