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What benefits are we likely to see from bringing in the CRM system?

These are some of the major benefits associated with CRM that the University is aiming to harness:

  • Improved internal communication and cooperation, leading to better relationship management;
  • Greater sharing of data/relationships, leading to improved business continuity and risk mitigation;
  • Development of enhanced relationships and more effective communications with external parties, leading to improved results from fundraising, sales approaches and business engagement more broadly, including benefits to students through the potential for better employer links;
  • Increased business intelligence which can inform sales strategy and tactics, targeted marketing communications, etc.;
  • Increased revenues, reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Achieving these benefits, however, will depend on staff who believe in the case for building a new ‘CRM culture’ – the sharing of data and relationships – across departments, who understand and will embrace any necessary changes to their business processes, and who can commit to using the new system proactively, regularly and productively.