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What impact will the new CRM system have on staff?

The CRM system will be set up to integrate as closely as possible with the tools that staff already use in their day-to-day jobs, such as Outlook, Sharepoint and more broadly through Office 365. Departmental users who were involved in the selection process gave positive feedback about the familiar and intuitive nature of the Dynamics interface, which will help staff who are starting to use the system.

It is recognised that there will be some changes to the ways in which staff are required to work, and the project team is doing all that it can to support and help staff through this process. As part of the preparation for rollout, departments will be involved in a number of things that will help design the system in such a way as to best support their individual operational processes, for example a mapping or review of business workflows, as well as workshops to gather and document what each department needs and wants the system to deliver, so that it can be configured and customised appropriately for them.

Although the changes involved will require some adjustment, the CRM system is expected to bring significant benefits to staff, and should make certain tasks much easier (e.g. sourcing information on contacts or meetings held or arranged by other departments). It will give staff a central overview of customer relationships from across the institution, which will also provide valuable business intelligence to help manage these customer relationships as well as inform sales tactics, marketing and business engagement strategies.