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What will we need to do with our current data?

An important aspect of preparing for the CRM rollout in each department will be identifying the data that currently exists (and the files or locations where that data is held), what data will need to be recorded within the new system (and where it will be located), and how these map against each other. Existing data will need to be ‘cleansed’ before it is loaded or migrated to the new system; this will essentially involve detecting incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate, duplicate or redundant etc. records and then modifying, replacing, merging or deleting this data. The data cleansing process will be critical to the quality and usability of the data that is loaded/migrated to the new CRM system.

The CRM project team will be handling all of the above in consultation and conjunction with your department’s key CRM contact, who will be liaising with you in due course about any preparatory work that you may need to do in relation to data for which you are responsible.