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Archived activities

Completed 2013

  • Installation and commissioning of HP\3PAR V400 Storage Array
  • University House DC to Argent Court DC migration
  • Develop free storage offering

Completed 2012

  • School of Life Sciences Data migration to Windows File Store
  • Design and implement new SAN infrastruture for Argent Court DC
  • Decommission SUN\StorageTEK SAN
  • Install SAN Fabric monitoring solution
  • Upgrade SAN monitoring\reporting system

Completed 2011

Develop new Bulk Filestore option

  • Description: Develop and implement new bulk filestore option to provide large filestores via either NCP, CIFS, NFS or AFP.
  • Service Improvement: Allow departments who do not wish to run their own host server to get access to large filestores via a choice of file share protocols.
  • Current Status: Completed

Install new Storage Network Switches in ITS, University House and CSC Data Centres

  • Description: Purchase and install 4 additional Storage Network Switches into ITS, University House and CSC Data Centres.
  • Service Improvement: Add storage network resilience for the new bulk storage service and extend its' reach to an additional site.
  • Current Status: Completed

Extend performance storage (type 1) Storage area network product

  • Description: Purchase and install a 3PAR InServ T800 array
  • Service Improvement: Provide additional storage and mirroring capabilities for the Type 1 storage installation
  • Current Status: Completed August 2010

Replace physical hardware on the CommCell and two Media Agent Servers

  • Description: Three of the servers that make-up the Backup infrastructure are reaching four years old and are therefore due for replacement
  • Service Improvement: Maintain server hardware in-line with ITS server replacement policy
  • Current Status: Completed April 2010

Upgrade CommVault Simpana from Version 7.0 to version 8.0

  • Description: Upgrade our current version 7.0 SP5 to Version 8.0
  • Service Improvement: This upgrade will build on the current version 7.0 features by providing potentional service offerings like Deduplication and Compliance
  • Current Status: Completed April 2010

Develop replacement for my.insite remote filestore access

  • Description: Develop new replacement for the My.Insite web based access to Standard Home Directories and Standard Departmental Shared Directories.
  • Service Improvement: Move service to currently support product with better functionality and ease of use for customers.
  • Current Status: Completed May 2010

Commission and deliver new performance storage (type 1) Storage area network product

  • Description: Purchase and install a 3PAR InServ F400 array
  • Service Improvement: Replace the high performance functions of the existing Storagetek SAN infrastructure, initially to assist in storage provision for the Server Virtualisation Project
  • Current Status: Completed March 2010

Completed 2009

Connect New Fabric link from ITS Data Centre to University House Data Centre

  • Allow storage/server connections across both main sites for the part of the storage network supporting the new Type 2 SAN storage

Upgrade Sun StorageTek Controller Firmwares from Versions 6.19.25 & 6.60.11 to version 6.60.22

  • Upgrade nodes 1 & 2 from current version 6.19.25 to version 6.60.22 and upgrade nodes 3 & 4 from current version 6.60.11 to version 6.60.22.

Purchase new hardware for replacing EOL Host Servers

  • To keep hardware running central services on supported equipment.

Commission and deliver new bulk storage (type 2) Storage area network product

  • This Service enhancement addresses a requirement identified by the Data Storage Service Board. A high capacity storage product was requested, with a shorter lead-time and a lower price than enterprise-level SAN hardware.

SYS0009 – Backup System Migration Project

  • The main benefits of this project are a more effectively managed system; that is reliable and will scale to support anticipated backup requirements for the next 3 years. This will enable ITS team to deliver a defined set of backup services to the University with a defined cost model.