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Current System

Since the installation of CommVault Galaxy in the summer of 2005 we have seen the system grow dramatically. We started with a backup infrastructure of two servers and one library backing up a small number of servers to where we are now; seven servers and three libraries backing up in excess of 30 terabytes protecting over 200 million files over a weekly full backup.

One of the key performance indicators in any backup system is completing backup jobs within the defined backup window. Looking at the current metrics the service is performing within the current SLA. However we still want to develop and improve the backup service by increasing efficiency, performance, resilience and the overall cost. The key strategic areas we will be looking at to try and achieve this are:

Tape Vs Disk for backup medium

Hard disk arrays can provide increased backup performance and faster restore operations. It also adds RAID-based fault tolerance to backup operations. Tape continues to provide high-capacity, cost-efficient storage that is secure, removable. Looking at the benefits of both storage mediums it is worth investigating the possibility of integrating disk and tape in a tiered-storage architecture


Data deduplication essentially refers to the elimination of redundant data. In the deduplication process, duplicate copies of data are identified and deleted, leaving only one copy of the data to be stored. However, indexing of all data is still retained should that data ever be required. Deduplication is able to reduce the required storage capacity since only the unique copy of the data is stored.

Data replication

Data Replication software helps meet service level agreements for protection and recovery by enabling you to create secondary copies of production data quickly and efficiently, using a combination of host-based replication and snapshot technologies. These real time data replication copies can be immediately accessed for fast recovery, used to create multiple recovery points or to perform traditional backups without impacting server performance