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Hyperscale Storage

Hyperscale storage is a fully managed storage service designed to scale to multiple petabytes. Optimised for large project, archive and research data it has a much lower cost than our traditional filestore services and heavily geared around providing an extra layer of Data Protection.

Depending on your requirements, you can either request storage on our shared array, or purchase a dedicated array that we would design and run on your behalf.

Both services are reliable, secure and provide a range of file access methods:

File Access
  • Windows SMB, with Active Directory integration.
    Access SMB shares anywhere in the world with the MyFiles service.
  • NFS (NFS v4 with v3 security)
Storage Optimisation

  • When designing a storage system you must decide which of the following two categories are most important to you, Performance, Resilience or Capacity. We have chosen Resilience and Capacity to ensure your data is safe and that the storage is cost effective.

Hardware & Software
  • Resiliancy UPS protected redundant power supplies.
  • Dual 10Gbit network connectivity.
  • Self-healing ZFS filesystem.
DR / Backups
  • Data is replicated every hour to an identical system in a physically seperate location.
  • Periodic Snapshots protect against user error and viruses/malware attacks.
  • Every month there will be a planned service outage to allow for software updates.