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MyFiles - What's New?

Why change it?

The original MyFiles was a quick but reliable solution to the problem of how to access the files you have on the various University storage systems. It was created within the I.T. Services Storage Team and has worked very well. It has had a surprisingly good uptake across all departments of the University, and is especially useful while working away from the campus.

We have now decided to move to a commercial product, offering full support and a wider range of functions.

What's new?

Some of the main features of the new product:

  • WebDAV - direct file and folder access form anywhere, on and off campus
  • Feature-rich mobile browser interface
  • DFS support - for staff, the "M-drive" link now follows the same structure as is used in the M-drive on Managed Workstations
  • File and folder search - through any folders you can see, by name or date
  • New/Updated markers - items which have been added or changed recently are marked
  • Compress and download - for quicker downloads, you can compress a selection of files and folders to one zip file
  • Unpack zip files in place - you can unpack zip files on the server - useful for uploading a lot of files and folders at once
  • Hyperlinked breadcrumbs - for ease of navigation through the folder structure
  • Drag and drop file upload (preserves folder structures)
  • Silverlight upload (large files, no folders)

We welcome any comments and suggestions, please feel free to let us know what you think