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SAN Metrics - July 2010

July 2010

3PAR InServ (Type 1 SAN storage)

Virtual Volumes

The 3PAR InServ storage arrays allocate space as "virtual volumes". These storage volumes only allocate real disk space when servers save data, they ignore blank space. Where traditional storage would also use up disk space on the blank areas, these virtual volumes do not. As many servers keep large amounts of blank space as "spare" capacity, this eventually results in a considerable saving, not because the extra disk hardware never needs to be purchased, but also because it would also normally take a lot of electricity to power it and cool it.

Array 1 - 3PAR InServ F400

Number of virtual volumes allocated: 48
Disk space reserved by virtual volumes: 4.4TB
Virtual disk space allocated: 19.8TB
Space saved over traditional storage: 79%

Array 2 - 3PAR InServ T800

Number of virtual volumes allocated: 6
Disk space reserved by virtual volumes: 710GB
Virtual disk space allocated: 4.4TB
Space saved over traditional storage: 84%

Monthly progress

The following graphs show the progress of disk space reservation during the month.

Reserved Space July 2010

Graph 1: Disk space reserved by virtual volumes

Virtual reserved space

Graph 2: Virtual disk space allocated

Nexsan SATABeast (Type 2 Storage)

Storage Array - KAMEOSA

Volumes allocated 14
Total space used 8995.1 GB
Space available 23009.1 GB


Storage Array - SEKO

Volumes allocated 16
Total space used 32003.29 GB
Space available 0 GB


Storage Array - TANUKI

Volumes allocated 10
Total space used 32003.79 GB
Space available 0 GB


Sun/Storagetek (older SAN Storage)


  TOTAL Array1 Array2 Array3 Array4
Raw capacity total 188.61TB 68.29TB 46.03TB 23.95TB 50.35TB
Raw capacity allocated 180.19TB 65.75TB 43.3TB 23.95TB 47.2TB
Raw capacity unused 8.15TB 2.19TB 2.28TB 0.55TB 3.15TB
Volume groups allocated 134.52TB 55.43TB 34.04TB 18.08TB 35.19TB
Parity/Hot Spare allocated 37.75TB 10.68TB 9.73TB 5.34TB 12.02TB
Disks used 605 200 135 111 159
Disks spare 25 6 5 2 12
Storage Partitions licensed   16 64 16 16
Storage Partitions used   14 11 7 12
Storage Partitions available   2 53 9 4
Tray spaces 36 0 0 15 21


Departmental / group usage summary

Storagetek usage Jul 2010