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Type 2 Storage - Nexsan SATABeast/E60

During the second half of 2009, the Nexsan SATABeast storage unit was selected to provide our Type 2 storage and has since been superseded by a larger, more powerful model, the Nexsan E60. These are excellent high density storage units designed to provide large amounts of storage space without the premium price of a full SAN infrastructure.

They have been selected to provide a storage facility for applications such as departmental file stores, and other uses where multiple terabytes are required without the need for the multiple redundant systems or enhanced speed of the traditional SAN environment. Despite this, the units have several capabilities which mark them out from the usual range of low to mid-price disk arrays. Backed by the option of dual fabric connection for connected servers, they will provide many of the normal capabilities of SAN storage at an affordable cost.

Nexsan SATABeaste60straight.jpg

High density storage

42 disks per unit, giving 32TB usable space in 6 inches of rack space. The next generation of SATABeast hardware used disks twice as big, resulting in a straight doubling of usable capacity. The newer E60 model has the capacity for 60 disks per unit, typically giving ~90TB usable space in the same 6 inches of rack space (it is compatible with disks twice the size providing ~180TB of usable space).

Dual redundant components

All active components are redundant and hot swappable, meaning that in the event of failure the unit can continue to work while parts are replaced.

Energy efficient

AutoMAID™ (Massive Array of Idle Disks) allows the SATABeast/E60 to place its disk drives to an idle state to conserve energy yet provide near-instantaneous access to data.