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Can I view my task list, calendar and inbox at the same time / What is Outlook today?

There is a screen within Outlook that allows you to see your calendar, task list and inbox mail totals at the same time and this is called Outlook Today.

Outlook Today

Click on the text at the very top of your listed Mail Folders in the left pane of the screen (it will state either 'Mailbox – Your Name' (e.g. Mailbox – J.Bloggs) or 'your email address' (e.g. to reveal 'Outlook Today' in the main pane.

Outlook Today is an “at a glance” window where your mail, calendar and tasks will be displayed. In the first column it lists the weeks’ calendar entries, in the middle column it lists any tasks you have to do (and shows when they are overdue) and in the last column it lists unread messages in the Inbox and all messages in the Drafts and the Outbox folders (as per screenshot above).

However you can also customise the style of this and parameters about what is displayed by clicking on the top right text Customize Outlook Today.