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Activities Planned for 2013



Service Management will continue to develop the usage of the ServiceNow tool-set.

Several applications and Service Catalogue items are either currently under development, or under consideration for inclusion within the tool.




Change Management

  • Development and deployment of the Change Management application within ServiceNow.
  • Enables integration with the other ITIL processes (Incident, Problem, CMDB) within one tool.
  • Allows the definition of pre-approved changes and the introduction of on-line CAB approval.

Staff New Starter Co-ordination of IT provision

  • Automate the workflow required to handle the various tasks associated with IT provision for a new staff member.

Course Booking Database and Reporting

  • Replace existing MS access and web based forms and associated manual processes.

Data Centre Hardware Commissioning

  • Automate the workflow required to handle the various tasks associated with commissioning hardware for installation within an ITS Data Centre.


Service Requests

Bulk Storage (Storage Now) - Automated file generation

  • This will allow automated allocation of storage space, removing the need for the Storage team to process the request.

Review of Web Development Service Requests

  • Investigate which service requests can be made available through a wizard to log the calls directly into the team, removing the manual steps taken currently by the Web Dev team.

Review of remaining Service Requests to see if they is any benefit in making available through the Service Catalogue

  • See, based on volumes, which requests remain candidates for being included in the tool.


Event Coordination

Continued expansion as further annual University events are identified and IT provision requested.



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