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Opt-In Campus VPN Service

Opt-In Campus VPN Service:

As of 2013 the Campus VPN Service changed from being 'default allow' (everyone has access), to a model of 'Opt-In'. The 'Opt-In' service can be granted by raising a call with the ITS Help Desk, or by clicking here to raise the request through our Self-Service facility.

The change was made to ensure the University conforms to ITS security policies.

Users of the service prior to the change made in 2013, would not have had to 'Opt-In'

New users attempting to use service (after the changes in 2013), will have to request to 'Opt-In', by raising a call with the ITS Help Desk.

How to request the Opt-In Campus VPN Service:

Please contact the Help Desk by calling 02476-573737 or raise a Self-Service call to make the request through our self-service facility.

  • You will be required to confirm your identity through a set of security questions, either as part of your phone call or when the Help Desk contact you in response to your online request.

Once your responses to the security questions have been validated and your request approved (this depends upon the reasons provided for requesting VPN) you will be granted access.

Now that you have access, to connect to the service you will need to:

  1. Point your browser to the following link:
  2. This will present you with the VPN Gateway Login page.
  3. Enter your standard username & password credentials to begin the automated Cisco AnyConnect Client Downoad & Install.
  4. Thereafter when you wish to connect, please use the Cisco Anyconnect Client that has installed entering your following details:
  • Connection:
  • Username: <your SSO username>
  • Password: <********>
For futher information on How to connect please see the link: How to connect