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How does the service work?

Service Description

The wireless network service allows customers the freedom to use mobile devices (laptop or handheld) to connect to the University network and Internet without needing a fixed or wired connection.

The wireless network at Warwick is available to staff, students and conference guests at the University and offers fast and reliable connection speeds.

To access the service you need a device equipped with a Wi-Fi standard wireless ethernet adapter. Many devices come with this type of network connectivity installed as standard - see our FAQs for additional information about the exact type of wireless network card required.

Your mobile device must be capable of using WPA2 Enterprise authentication method in order to access hotspot-secure, resnet-secure and eduroam wireless network identifiers.

Services Offered


  • For students and staff who have a University IT Services login.
  • Available in most non-residential areas on campus.


  • For students and staff who are living in campus accommodation, using an IT Services login.
  • This service is available in most residential areas on campus.


  • For visiting academics from other organisations or educational institutions that participate in the Eduroam program.
  • For assistance refer to your home organisation or educational institution.


  • For visitors to campus, conference guests, contractors and people visiting for a campus event or open day.

Access to this service is subject to the University's Information Security Policy and the JANET acceptable use policy.

List of standard requests

Requests for new Wireless locations are submitted via the Service Desk at

Please see link before putting in any request.


Coverage is provided in a number of communal areas around the campus and in some departments. Wireless network is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, apart from periods of non-availability due to planned maintenance. Support for the service is available during standard support hours.