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Is the service secure?

The hotspot-secure service uses WPA2 Enterprise that implements 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption with the use of Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol (CCMP). The encryption keys that are used for each client on the network are unique and specific to that client so that other users cannot decrypt your information.

If you use the hotspot-secure service, then the only encryption used is during the initial login and, subsequently, any information you transmit over the wireless network is at risk of being intercepted. You should therefore ensure that you are using applications which support secure modes of connection (such as SSH for terminal connections or HTTPS for web connections) for any sensitive data. Additionally, you can use the VPN Service to encapsulate your data. For more details please click here.

You should remember that regardless of the mode of operation you use, the wireless network is only one part of the connection. If you are connecting to sites outside of the University, it is worth using applications with built in encryption facilities to protect information that you are sending or receiving from being evesdropped upon.