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Introduction to wireless access.

The Wireless Service allows you to connect your portable computer (laptop, pocket PC, etc) to the University campus network using a wireless card. You can connect using your single sign on ITS login name and password.

Where can I use the wireless network?

Following a recent wireless rollout project, the wireless network is available in most indoor areas of the campus.

Outdoor wireless is currently available at the University Piazza, the Central Plaza, the Bus Interchange and the Senate House front lawn. There are also some areas where the wireless signal bleeds through from adjacent buildings. IT Services is currently looking at the feasibility of providing wireless coverage to other communal outdoor areas.

Health and Safety - Using Laptops and Portable Devices
  1. Do not use for long periods.
  2. Do not work with your laptop or portable computer on your knees.
  3. Make sure that you have the keyboard on a firm surface.
  4. Make sure that the computer is at the right height for keying in and viewing the screen.
  5. Remember to take regular breaks, every 30 minutes is recommended.
  6. Students using laptops for more than 3 hours a day should consider purchasing a mouse, monitor, docking station and a laptop riser.
What do I need to use the Wireless Network?

You need a laptop with Wi-Fi 802.11a,g,n,ac connectivity. Laptops or mobile devices purchased recently are also likely to be Wi-Fi enabled - look for the Wi-Fi logo on your laptop (normally on the base). For Macintosh users - Apple's WiFi network solution is called AirPort and is available as an option on most Apple devices.

wifi certified

How do I connect?

For details on how to connect please see the following: