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Warwick Guest iPad/iPhone Setup

1. Select "Settings" from the dashboard.


2. Turn on Wi-Fi by clicking the Wi-Fi symbol and sliding appropriate button


3. Select "Warwick Guest" from the list of wireless networks available.


3. Once connected, you will be automatically redirected to the Warwick Guest Wireless Log in page.

4. If you already have a valid Warwick Guest account, login with those credentials. Otherwise, create yourself an account by clicking the link "here" within the sentence “Click here to create an account”.


5. From the options listed, select one that best describes purpose of visit to the University.


5. Provide your details, including a valid full mobile number, to which your generated guest login will be sent. Guest with non UK mobile phones should use the international phone number code of their country with the "+" sign at the beginning e.g. China +86xxxxxxxxxxx.

6. Read and Accept terms of use by ticking the "Confirm" button then click "Register".


7. A text message with login details will be sent to the valid full mobile provided.

8. Follow the provided link to return to the Warwick Guest wireless login page and provide username and password received by sms text.iOS7-7

8. Once you have logged in, please leave the guest portal pop-up in the background if one is generated.