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Kyocera Driver Update

Update of installed Kyocera printer drivers - From 10.30AM 18th December 2019

Following customer feedback and internal testing activities we will update the Kyocera printer driver currently in use across all ITS staff and student print servers apart from Lampard, Beckham, Paltrow and Penn.

This will provide for the return of the Quick Print "Printer Profiles, will enhance the support for device fonts which has resulted in occasional Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) situations for a limited number of customers, in addition to a broad spectrum of typical bug fixes and compatibility enhancements that you would see in any updated driver release.

Drivers will automatically update upon Managed and Unmanaged Windows workstations, Apple Mac and Linux and Unix platforms shouldn't be affected and no user action will be needed.

Mobile Print customers and any customers using HP print queues or our CUPS environment are unaffected.

Any customers with concerns or questions should contact the ITS Helpdesk via the usual support channels.