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News - Network Printing Service

Printing in the Student Residences - Under Investigation

Following consulation with the SU and Warwick Accomodation a feasibility study is now underway to look into the possibility of deploying a number of 2nd generation MFDs into the Student Residences laundries, common rooms and entrances.

This is to supplement, the exisiting devices within Heronbank and Lakeside and will attempt to provide a more local and accessible solution to our customers in the chosen residences.

All MFDs will be colour, A3, duplex capable with Printing, Scan to E-mail and Scan to Folder built in.

Wireless network facilities are expected to be available within the area to aid accessibility and the support of un-managed and mobile devices.

Check back regularly for more details, we will keep you updated with any information as soon as it come available.

Hardware upgrades to the Student Print Estate

Following feedback from our customers, observations from IT staff and our Library colleagues a series of hardware upgrades are underway within the Student Print Estate. These include the deployment of new, updated and higher capacity paper trays, faster speed Multi Function Devices, extensive servicing and device heathchecks in the busiest high volume areas.

The networking cabling on the 1st floor of the Library will also be checked and refreshed as needed to ensure that is is fit for purposes and better reflects the current layout and design within this key and very popular area.

We anticipate these changes will improve the reliability, speed and the longevity of our MFDs thus providing an improved experience for all of customers and support staff alike.

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Student Printing - Charges Reduced!

IT Services and warwickprint are pleased to announce that as part of our continuing drive for service improvement and as a consequence of the success of the Managed Print Service (MPS) we have been able to lower our colour student printing prices by as much as 26.32%. This follows on from a similar reduction in pricing that took place in April 2014.

Colour A4 single sided was, 20p now 15p - a reduction of 25%

Colour A4 double sided was, 38p now 28p - a reduction of 26.32%

Colour A3 single sided was, 40p now 30p - a reduction of 25%

Colour A3 double sided was, 78p now 58p - a reduction of 25.65%

These reductions came into effect at 8AM on Monday 5th January.

For details of the current pricing scheme and to purchase printer credits.

NB. We are currently in the process of updating our support guides, FAQs, video and paper leaflets and posters with these new prices so please do bare with us. Even if the price is advertiesed as higher you will only be charged using the new prices.

SafeCom Pull Print Solution - Hits 300!

The SafeCom Pull Print solution for staff and students has reached an important milestone.

We are pleased to announce that the SafeCom Pull Print solution has been deployed on a total of 300 Multifunction Devices (MFDs) and single function printers across the University Campus with a presence in 95% of the University Staff departments.

This service has been delivered as a cornerstone of the Managed Print Service through strategic partners IT Services and warwickprint.

If your department would like to know more about the MPS or the SafeCom Pull Print system and some of it's benefits please feel free to contact us.

Need to Scan to Folder? Try our new service upon your SafeCom Pull Print enabled Kyocera TASKalfa MFD.


Printing Services Video Leaflets - Kiosks

Over the next week (15th December 2014) our Printing Services Video Leaflets will be presented via newly developed interactive touchscreen kiosks.

These 10" displays feature touchscreens that give you the ability to select and view video versions of our 11 most popular support queries/tutorials. This complements our already popular Helpdesk Leaflets.

Initially these kiosks will be deployed in some of our most popular and highest volume locations:

  • Library - 1st Floor
  • University House - Learning Grid 1st and 2 Floor
  • Rootes Building - Rootes Grid
  • Senate House - PG Hub



Scan to folder - Coming on 22nd September 2014

Scan to folder is a service which allows you to place a document on one of our printer/photocopiers, have the photocopier scan it and create a PDF file from it, and then have that PDF sent to your H drive.

By default this service will transfer your chosen scanned file in PDF format directly to the your home or "H"drive in a newly created folder called "My Scans" within your Documents folder. The file will be autonamed in the following manner "usercode-date-time".

For further information about this exciting new service coming in September 2014 to student workareas and a limited number of staff departments.

Printer Driver Update Activity

IT Services will be updating the printer driver in use on the Kyocera "pull" print queues, this update contains a number of small changes and bugs fixes and a new, easier to navigate user interface.

The change will take place out of hours on Monday 28th July 2014

For further details of this change and how it may affect you please visit the our dedicated FAQs page.

Mobile Print Service - Enhanced

NEW April 2014 - Mobile Print now supports printing directly from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad)

Mobile Print is a way to send documents to print whilst on the go and have it ready to collect when you next visit a Kyocera printer.

Kyocera printers can be found in most IT Services work areas

Student Printing - Charges Reduced

IT Services have been able to significantly reduce the price of printing (particularly colour printing) thanks to the success of our new, more efficient student printing system. The new prices, which will apply from 8am on Tuesday 22 April 2014, are as follows:


A4 1-sided: 20p (down 20%)
A4 2-sided: 38p (down 24%)
A3 1-sided: 40p (down 33%)
A3 2-sided: 78p (down 35%)


Black and White:

A4 1-sided: 5p (down 17%)
A4 2-sided: 8p (down 20%)
A3 1-sided: 9p (no change)
A3 2-sided: 16p (down 11%)


For more information, and to buy printer credits, visit

CCSG Collaborative Working Award 2014 - The MPS has been shortlisted

The MPS team are pleased to announce that the Managed Print Service has been shortlisted for the CCSG Collaborative Working Award 2014.

The Awards Evening will take place on Friday 9th May 2014, we will publish the results here at the earliest possible convenience.

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