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SafeCom Software Upgrade

What are we doing?

We are upgrading the software that provides the vast majority of printing, copying and scanning capabilities provided by IT Services within the University.

When are we doing it?

Wednesday 28th August at 6.30PM till 9.30PM, 2019 is the allocated change window.

Why are we doing it?

A number of corrections, new features and product enhancements have been included as a part of this deployment.

These will aid the stability, reliability and future functionality of the Printing Services provided by IT Services here at Warwick.

How does this effect you?

On Wednesday 28th August at 6.30PM till 9:30PM, 2019

During this upgrade period the service is to be considered as offline and unavailable.

Customers of CUPS (Common Unix Printing Service) will be unaffected.

What won't work?

  • Printing, copying, scanning to email or H: drive on SafeCom enabled Kyocera and HP Multifunction Devices in all staff and student areas
  • Printing on any "N" number print queues or "xx-copier-x" print queues
  • Access to the webpage
  • The Mobile Print and Air Print services
  • The Library Visitor Photocopying Service
  • Printer Credits payments can be purchased but won't be credited for the duration of the change

What will work?

  • Customers of CUPS (Common Unix Printing Service) will be unaffected.
  • USB local printing and scanning
  • Anyone using printing services which aren't hosted by IT Services
  • Direct TCP/IP printing

What do we need you to do?

If you need us to arrange some alternative print facilities in advance due to the critical nature of your business please let us know ASAP via the ITS Helpdesk

Any questions or concerns?

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk in the usual manner.