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What information do you need for an application?

  • Does another application in the university already provide the function?
  • What Operating Systems are supported?
  • Does it require a Database?
    • Which Databases are supported?
  • Does it require a Website?
    • What webserver application does it use; e.g. Apache, IIS?
  • What firewall rules are required inbound and outbound to the server. What Ports to which IP addresses?
  • What type of data will you be storing? See information classifications 
  • How much resource is required?
    • Number of cores?
    • GB RAM?
    • Hard disk space required?
  • What resiliency is required? How much downtime can the business afford to this application? You will not be able to obtain 100% uptime.
  • How are updates/patching to the application handled?
  • Who is managing the application? Who is the technical point of contact for end users using your application?
  • If you are using large volumes of storage, does this need to be backed up each day? Just for disaster recovery? Not at all, as the data can be recreated?
  • Do 3rd parties providing support require access via a VPN?