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Servers On Demand

The Servers On Demand service is a way to create your own servers as and when you want them without the need of asking IT Services to create them for you. At the moment these are ideally suited to testing software and development environments as we provide servers to our standard builds, but allow you freedom of adminstrative/console access. These servers are provided without the fault tolerences and resillancy required for our live provisioning service. To help manage the resources used, these servers are available for up to 60 days. You can provision as many servers as you wish at any time within your allocated resources.

Any university member can request access to this resource. You may be placed in a group in which you share resources with other people. However if you require servers for 'Live' use this will be handled through our usual provisioning process via the IT helpdesk.

Please Note: Even though you can provision any servers in this environment for whatever test/development purposes, for us to host these as a Live service it will need to be a non-duplication of an existing central service. If unsure please ask.

We use VMware technologies to provide the underlying virtual infrastructure, and the front end to the self-service portal.

How to get started

You will need an account either from your existing self-service group owner, or you can request from the IT Services helpdesk (helpdesk at warwick dot ac dot uk | x73737).

See link for instructions on setting up your first server