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Backup, firewall, and update information

Backup routine

Your server will be backed up once a week - starting from the day the server was created, and again every 7th day until the server expires.

Firewall protection

Each server is protected by its own local firewall, which you are able to edit - however, IT Services do not recommend fully opening the firewall – as this will invite potential attackers.
If you need to open the firewall to test an application, or service, IT Services recommends only opening the required port(s) for your application.
All Servers on Demand servers are on a Private IP range that is not accessible from outside the University. If you wish to connect to them from outside the University, you'll need to use the VPN.

Update information

Windows updates:
Windows updates are approved and released by Server Provisioning on the second Wednesday of each month. Servers on Demand servers are set to automatically install updates and reboot, if necessary, at 03:00.
These settings can be changed via the registry. Here is a Microsoft Technet article that describes the process to change the automatic update option.

CentOS updates:
We do not have a managed patching process for Linux machines deployed via Servers On Demand. It is up to the user of that server to set up update schedules, or manually update them using the 'sudo yum update' command.