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Server resource information and service limitations

Physical Hardware reservations

You are able to create as many servers as you want, within your groups allocated resources.
20GB of RAM*
300GB of disk space*
*These resources are currently being finalized. and may change.

How long will it take until the server(s) are built?

Once your server is requested our automated tools begin the provisioning process, which takes roughly 30 minutes. You will receive an email once the server is built and ready for use – this email will also include instructions on how to connect to your server.

How long will the servers be available?

The servers will only be temporary, and during the build process you’ll asked how long you’d like the server(s) to last. The default setting is 1 day, whilst the maximum is 60 days.
You can increase the lease time of your server under ‘Items’, up to the maximum 60 days.
An automated email will be sent to you 3 days before your lease is due to expire - if your server reaches the maximum lease time it will archive any data currently installed, and go through the automated deletion process. The resource the server used will then be granted back to your allocation to be used again.

Can I extend the lease time to over 60days?

Unfortunately this is not possible through Servers on Demand. If you’d like a server for longer than 60 days, please contact the IT Services helpdesk ( | x73737) and raise a service request for Server Provisioning.

Can I add/remove resources after the server is built?

Additional resources (Memory/CPU) can be added and removed from the server via the Servers on Demand website, however it will require a server restart - which can be scheduled on the Servers on Demand website.
Log into the Servers on Demand website and then click on ‘Items’ then select the server you wish to add/remove resources from, and on the right-hand side press ‘Edit’. A new screen should appear with editable options, such as; Memory, CPU Storage and Network.
Once you have edited the configuration go to the ‘Execution’ tab and choose when you want the server to restart/turn off, so your earlier edited options to be performed. When you’re finished press ‘Submit’.
Note: Only the second hard drive, under 'Storage', can have its size adjusted.