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Software Licence Management Current Activities

Below are highlights of pieces of work currently underway, in addition to the day-to-day duties that make up the running of the service as whole.

August 2014

  • Microsoft EES renewal: gather requirements for this year's Campus Agreement: updated FTE count from HR, work with Server Provisioning to establish remaining number of on-premise SharePoint users, work with IDM to identify FIM licence requirements, audit server CMDB to establihsh server licence requirements.
  • Adobe: we now have a little more clarity on how we need to move forward with Adobe licensing at Warwick. The current purchasing scheme (CLP) can only be used to purchase CS6 licences. Any newer releases must be Creative Cloud subscriptions. We must therefore enrol Warwick in a “VIP” program to enable staff to purchase subscriptions at preferential academic discounts. We have enrolled in the VIP; work is now underway with App Delivery to determine how managed users will access the software (as it is linked to the individual’s email address and is designed as a direct download from Adobe) and Joy Findlay to ensure all DP/Info Sec considerations are addressed; given this is a cloud-based solution.

July 2014

  • Office for iPad: pilot 30 users with A3 licences to ensure the edit features work as intended before advertising this as a service.
  • Minitab renewal: renew licence and obtain and distribute new licence file. The renewal also sees the release of a new product; Minitab Express - which is compatible with Mac OS X.
  • SAS renewal: renew site licence, obtain new licence files, publish to web pages, create new installer and upload to download pages for unmanaged users. We have been informed that a module (JMP) we previously got for free will now be charged.
  • ArcGIS renewal: Eduserv have brokered a new agreement for this geographical software. We must select an appropriate licence model under the new agreement and communicate changes.
  • MATLAB renewal: survey usage of Toolboxes to ensure current configuration will be appropriate to enter into a new 3 year deal. A new multi-year agreement has the benefit of letting us fix the price at the current level for the next 3 years. We have also been given 18 additional Toolboxes at no cost.

June 2014

  • Origin upgrade: release Origin 9.1 as a download from ITS. Communicate this to the University and liaise with App Delivery to communicate this is being upgraded on managed machines and that 8.5 is being removed.
  • Office 2013: release 2013 Pro Plus as a download to all staff. This forms a part of a larger piece of work to roll out Office 2013 and Office 365 to staff.
  • NVivo renewal and release of Mac version: renew site licence, obtain new licence key, update download pages with new keys, provide to App Delivery to update Managed Desktop, communicate need to update keys to unmanaged user. Also, the long-awaited Mac version is now available under our licence. This also needs to be communicated and our download pages updated to host this.

May 2014

  • VMware renewal: ball-park figures received for various renewal options. This has now gone out to tender. Responses to be evaluated later this month and award made to ensure continued support coverage on ITS VMware estate.
  • Microsoft FIM: work with IDM and Phoenix to establish exactly what our licence requirements are now that we are almost ready to go live, and purchase licences.
  • Red Hat renewal: a small number of licences are held by ITS and on behalf of Systems Biology. The renewal requirements needed to be established prior to placing a renewal order.
  • Origin site licence renewal: this is the first year ITS has managed this renewal (previously was jointly managed by Physics & Chemistry). Tasks were to place the order for renewal, document renewal instructions for end users, communicate this, and generate new licence files for ITS licence servers.
  • Maple site licence renewal: involves placing order, obtaining new codes, publishing new codes to webpage, distributing to App Delivery to update licence server supporting managed machines, communicate need to update codes to unmanaged end users.

April 2014

  • Microsoft Office for iPads: to cater for a small, but present demand for the Office for iPad app, we have purchased 10 Office 365 A3 licences (a pre-req to editing with the app) and issued them on a per-request basis to start a pilot. The intention is, pending no issues from the pilot, to offer a service whereby staff can request an A3 licence from the Service Desk, provide a cost code, and have their account upgraded. A Feature Request has been logged for Service Now to accommodate this process.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: worked with Des and Phoenix software to establish best purchasing route for the hosted “Online” version, licensing requirements and integration with existing O365 tenancy. We have now purchased licences for 30 users, providing 60 GB of storage.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus subscriptions for students. Following a successful trial with a small group of students, IDM and myself released this to all students at Warwick on 22nd April. I have created a webpage here containing relevant info and instructions for students. So far this seems to be working well.
  • VMware renewal: our current ELA (Enterprise Licence Agreement) is due for renewal in June. Work has been on-going with Server Provisioning, Purchasing Office, VMware and Prolinx to gather requirements and assess the validity of a proposal to renew our “business as usual” estate verses an upgrade of all vCloud Suite licences to Advanced and enter into a new ELA for a multi-year deal.

March 2014

  • Stata: re-engage with Timberlake to ascertain current spend at Warwick on Stata licences and look at site licence options.
  • Maple upgrade: release the latest version of Maple (18) as a download to staff and students and request update to managed desktops.
  • Minitab upgrade: release the latest version of Minitab (17) as a download to staff and students and request update to managed desktops.
  • CommVault: Evaluate tenders, work with Purchasing and reseller to make award prior to promo pricing deadline of 31st March.

February 2014

  • CommVault: continue negotiations, gather requirements and prepare Tender documents for the purchase.
  • MokaFive renewal: negotiate renewal of MokaFive licence. To get improved pricing and secure against future price rises, we will switch from a subscription to perpetual licence model.
  • Red Hat renewal: start gathering requirements for the Red Hat renewal that is coming up in the next couple of months. Check how many servers still need licences in ITS and contact other departments to see if their servers still require licences.

January 2014

  • WebEx renewal: negotiate a new contract that will enable us to renew for 6 months and at a lower per licence cost.
  • CommVault: work with Storage Team and CommVault account manager to establish the most cost-effective licence model that will provide sufficient scope for growth in demand.
  • DreamSpark Premium: we have been provided with a free subscription for all STEM departments at Warwick. A webstore will need to be set up to allow access at Warwick, and availability announced.

December 2013

  • Microsoft licensing audit: Microsoft have contacted us requiring us to take part in a licensing review. Initial conference call held with Microsoft this month and their SAM partner (Phoenix). Follow-up items TBC from them, but it will require work with Server Provisioning, App Delivery teams. There will be a “light-touch” approach to desktop licences, with a focus on server licences due to wide-spread confusion amongst Microsoft customers re. SQL Server licensing.
  • ArcGIS 9.2 upgrade: Upgrade ArcGIS to the latest release on the ITS Download pages.
  • SPSS site licence renewal: enter into new contract to renew SPSS agreement. Obtain new codes from new supplier, ensure said codes are made available to unmanaged users (comms, webpage updates) and provide App Delivery with them to update managed estate. Also communicate withdrawal of Text Analytics for Surveys (this is poorly used and cancelling saves ~£2K per year).

November 2013

  • Novell renewal: establish requirements to renew site licence and negotiate SUSE down from the initial renewal price, which is exceptionally high at present.
  • National Instruments renewal: renew site licence and co-ordinate cross-sharges with contributing departments.
  • Microsoft Project: following a change in licensing rules by Microsoft and increased demand at Warwick, convert departmental licence into full site licence

October 2013

  • Kaspersky anti-virus renewal: Acceptable quote received. Awaiting second competitive quote and will then purchase the renewal. Communicate changes to the licence as new licence won’t include any servers (Web page created highlighting this), create web page containing renewal instructions for users.
  • Microsoft Select renewal: renew agreement, obtain quotes to renew all required Software Assurance on all licences used in ITS, communicate to the University that individuals must renew their SA before the end of Oct.
  • Microsoft O365 Pro Plus for students: Microsoft have just announced that they are allowing institutions licenced for Office 2013 via EES (which we are) to provide Office 365 Pro Plus subscriptions to students. We need to look at the detail of this offer (how this is actually administered by us etc.) We expect an option to activate the benefit for students will appear in our O365 portal when the offer kicks in on Dec 1st.

September 2013

  • Microsoft tender evaluation: review tender responses and award contract to successful supplier to renew our Microsoft EES agreement.
  • SAS site licence renewal: following the renewal of the agreement in July, new licence files are now required. Engage with SAS to get them to provide one licence file containing all licensed products (as opposed to them currently providing two licences with products split across them). Once in possession of these, create new installation packages, upload to ITS download pages for customers to download and give to App Delivery to update centrally delivered installs.
  • Renew VMAP: renew the VMware Academic Program and publish and communicate instructions to users of this program that they need to renew any licences they have acquired under the program.
  • SPSS upgrade: release version 22 as a download from the ITS download pages to staff and students.
  • PDF Converter upgrade: release version 8.2 as a download from the ITS download pages to staff and students.

August 2013

  • CommVault renewal: work with Storage Team to cancel unused CommValut licences to minimise cost of maintenance renewal. Source quotes and renew the contract.
  • EndNote for Mac upgrade: version X7 released to Mac users (staff) as a download from ITS.
  • MATLAB renewal: comminucate need for users to update themselves if un-managed, ensure ITS licence server is updated by App Delivery to enable deployments on managed machines to continue to function.
  • WebEx renewal: negotiate with Cisco a 6 month, instead of a 1 year contract, to give us options over the next 12 months in terms of how we want to deliver this service.

July 2013

  • Minitab renewal: renew site licence, obtain new licence file, update installer package with this and distribute via download pages & make available to App Delivery.
  • Kaspersky site licence renewal: engage and meet with Kaspersky to discuss renewal options and pricing.
  • Microsoft Project renewal: review usage and expand licence to include coverage for WMG.
  • COMSOL renewal: liaise with users in Physics & Chemistry to ascertain requirements for renewal of their pool of COMSOL licences, in use at CSC.

June 2013

  • Launch Software Wish List service to survey demand for new software licences. Results to be reviewed periodically by eService Board.
  • Stata: approach suppliers re. negotiation for site licence and acquire 140 concurrent licences for use on lecture theatre PCs.
  • CommVault backup software: work with resellers to establish a procurement route through which to renew maintenance now that the current suppliers (2e2) have gone out of business.

May 2013

  • Maple renewal and upgrade: renew site licence, distribute updated codes to App Delivery and make available to end users via ITS software pages. Also release the latest version (17) as a download to staff and students.
  • Cancel Red Hat site licence, purchase single licences as required and manage the change to ensure uninterrupted access to Red Hat updates and support for affected servers within and external to ITS.
  • Microsoft Project: renewal of departmental site licence.
  • Stata: provide licences to enable Stata to be delivered to lecture theatre PCs.
  • e-Service Board: begin work to establish a forum for nominated University contacts to review software wishes across Warwick, to assess validity of requests and pursue agreements if appropriate.

April 2013

  • Follow-up with Kaspersky as to their proposed charged for the site licence renewal, once our current agreement ends in Feb 2014.
  • Consolodate and assume management for maintenance renewals of disparate Tableau licences at Warwick.
  • Continue work to clarify new licensing rules for our Red Hat subscription, ascertain numbers of Red Hat servers within and extrernal to ITS, what they are used for and arrange for migration away from the site licence if neccessary.

March 2013

  • SAS site licence upgrade: following discussions of requirements with WBS, upgrade the coverage of the site licence to permit teaching as well as research, and also additional modules: Enterprise Miner and Text Miner.
  • VMware upgrade: work with Prolinx, VMware and Server Provisioning to assess best approach for ITS regarding VMware's new licensing structure and whether or not to upgrade to their vCloud Suite product before the promotion expires at the end of March.

February 2013

  • Co-ordinate joint purchase of STATA upgrades/new licences between WBS and IER to realise savings offered by bulk purchase
  • PDF Converter upgrade: release version 8 as a download for staff and students.
  • MathType upgrade: release versions 6.9 for Windows and 6.7e for Mac as a download for staff and students.
  • Begin looking at pricing options to Red Hat alternatives & liaise with UNIX Platform Support team ahead of the site licence renewal in May.

January 2013

  • Arrange for anti-virus provision for University Windows 8 machines until Kaspersky release their site licensed version to us (expected Feb 2013).
  • SASPAC upgrade: release version 9.75 as a download for staff and students.
  • Analyse MS Project usage data across the University to ascertain current departmental licence model is still appropriate.
  • Microsoft Student Pilot: investigate fesibility of launching Microsoft pilot promotion at Warwick to allow students access to discounted software on an annual subscription. Work with Comms Office and Student Union to discuss promotional options.
  • Iron-out licensing terms and conditions and publish info to customers on ITS Software pages on how to access software under the new VMAP.

December 2012

  • SPSS renewal: renew site licence, ensure timely receipt of new authorisation codes, update ITS Download pages with these, distribute to Application Delivery to update central deployment, send out comms to advise customers to update their (non-managed) installations.
  • PDF Converter renewal: with the iminent expiry of the current Eduserv Agreement, negotiate and procure a suitable alternative agreement to enable continued use of the software at Warwick.
  • Work with Storage Team to make available a shared storage resource to which users of GIS technologies can save and share commonly used datasets.
  • Kick-off discussions with VMware & Prolinx to understand our options re. the change to VMware's licensing/product set and whether or not migrating to the new vCloud Suite represents best value.

November 2012

  • EndNote upgrade: release version X6 for Mac as a download for staff.
  • Novell renewal: review site licence content and arrange for cancellation of unused products to reaslise savings.
  • Microsoft DreamSpark: create updated ITS info pages on DreamSpark to instruct customers how to obtain software both from the Standard and newly available Premium (certain departments) offerings. Work with Microsoft to "clean up" their DreamSpark portal to remove legacy defunct entries for Warwick.
  • Work with Service Development and WMS to help them find the most cost-effective licence-model for their implementation of MS Dynamics CRM software.

October 2012

  • MindManager upgrade: release version 11 for Windows and version 10 for Mac as downloads for staff and students.
  • Investigate feasibility and purchase VMAP (VMware Academic Program). This is an annual subscription that provides VMware software to staff and students at no cost for academic/research-related purposes.
  • Update documentation and hand-over adminstration of Microsoft Work at Home licences to Service Desk.

September 2012

  • Microsoft EES Tender: evaluate bids, award contract and make necessary changes to documented procedures for staff to obtain Work at Home licences.
  • MATLAB Student Option: publicise the newly included Student Option under the site licence.
  • EndNote upgrade: release version X6 for Windows as a download for staff.
  • Mac OS X upgrade: release Mountain Lion as a download for staff.
  • SPSS upgrade: release version 21 as a download for staff and students.
  • McAfee VirusScan upgrade: release version 9.2 of the Mac anti-virus product as a download for staff and students.

August 2012

  • COMSOL renewal: negotiation and renewal of pool of concurrent licences used by researchers in CSC.
  • CommVault renewal: work with Storage Team to cancel superfluous maintenance to realise savings and work with resellers to obtain competitive quotes to renew and co-term existing maintenance.
  • Microsoft EES Tender: work with technical teams to compile our Microsoft requirements for the coming 12 months, work with HR to obtain required FTE data and work with Purchasing to write and submit Tender document with relevent technical requirements and evaluation criteria.
  • WebEx renegotiation: work with AV and Cisco to enter into a more cost-effective contract/licence model (Named Hosts), following a review of usage since moving to the Active Host model.

July 2012

  • Launch ITS provision of Mac OS X licences for Warwick-owned Macs.
  • ExtremeZ-IP: work with Storage Team and software publisher to investigate feasibility (cost/licensing model) and procure this storage solution enabling Mac clients to access Windows file servers via AFP.
  • ArcGIS upgrade: release version 10.1 as a download for staff and students.
  • MathType upgrade: release version 6.8 as a download for staff and students.

June 2012

  • MATLAB renewal: following the commencement of canvassing of interest amongst academic departments earlier in the year, for the inclusion of student home-use licences; confirm required Toolbox configuration for both staff and students and renew agreement.
  • NVivo upgrade: release version 10 as a download for staff and students.
  • OxMetrics upgrade: release OxMetrics 4 and PC Give 11 as downloads for staff and students.
  • Investigate feasibility (cost/licensing model) of centrally providing Mac OS X licences to University-owned Macs, and procure if feasible. Then design and publish web form to manage distribution.

May 2012

  • Oracle RAC and Partitioning: work with Unix Platforms Support team to establish requirements with regards RAC and Partitioning components of Oracle. Negotiate pricing with Oracle to procure the necessary licenses and liaise with the University's and Oracle's legal teams to draft and sign a mutually acceptable contract.
  • Red Hat: investigate options and negotiate purchase of a Red Hat site licence.
  • CommVault: negotiate and purchase sufficient "VSA" licences to replace esXpress as the tool for backing up Server Provisioning's VM estate.
  • Assume responsibility for MINITAB licence: this was previously a site licence funded and managed by WBS. We will now fund and manage this and create download web pages to distribute, as with other applications via the ITS Software Downloads Service.

April 2012

  • Make ArcGIS available to download. This application was previously only available on physical media, but enhancements to files.warwick have allowed this to now be distributed as a download to staff and students. Creat webpages and documents installation and licensing procedures.
  • Windows 7 download: release Windows 7 .ISO files as downloads to staff wanting to install their own operating systems on Warwick machines.
  • Maple upgrade: release version 16 as a download for staff and students.

March 2012

  • RDS: investigate most cost effective way to licence RDS as a replacement for the Citrix service and procure licences.
  • NimBUS removal: liase with Server Provisioning and other service teams to publish the Change Plan to record the cancellation of the NimBUS licences, in favour of a move to Nagios.
  • Oracle usage: investigate usage of certain Oracle products across the University to assess whether or not they need to be renewed in May, with a view to realise savings.
  • Continue PDF Converter negotiation/investigation.
  • SAS upgrade: release version 9.3 as a download for staff and students.
  • SPSS upgrade: release version 20 as a download for staff and students.

February 2012

  • SASPAC upgrade: release version 9.50 as a download for staff and students.
  • Mathematica Road Show: organise, promote and host the Road Show to advertise to staff and students the availability of the software at Warwick, as well as providing them with an opportunity to ask questions/discuss their work with representatives from Wolfram Research.
  • MATLAB renewal: begin negotiations with MathWorks to renew the site licence in July. Survey academic departments to gauge appetite for Student Option.
  • PDF Converter renewal: begin negotiations with Claro Software to renew site licence, evaluate benefits/disadvantages of renewing with Eduserv.
  • Trend Deep Security: re-visit initial discussions with Trend (from last year) to confirm pricing for an increased number of VMs.
  • CommVault: work with Storage Team and CommVault to assess viability of switching to a volume licence model, given an anticipated increase in future requirements (additional licences will be required to back-up Windows VMs as a replacement for esXpress).

January 2012

  • Investigate licence model of additional Oracle products and obtain costs.
  • Continue work with Academia and Parallels to reach an attractive volume/site licence.
  • Approach Timberlake Consultants to investigate possibility of a STATA site licence.
  • Continue work with Server Provisioning and Prolinx on purchase of additional VMware licences.

December 2011

  • Begin work with Server Provisioning and Prolinx to negotiate procurement of additional VMware licences and build into the current framework agreement.
  • EndNote upgrade: release version X5 for Mac as a download to staff.
  • SPSS renewal: renew SPSS site licence, ensure timely receipt and distribution of new codes Application Delivery, publish new codes to download page and communicate need to update to users across the University.
  • Approach Parallels to investigate possibility of a site licence.
  • Assume responsibility for administration of Origin site licence and create ITS webpage to allow downloads by staff and students.

November 2011

  • Investigate options/mechanics for ITS purchase of volume licences for Mac OS X Lion.
  • Additional Turnitin licences: negotiation with iParadigms and discussion with the International Office/relevant ITS teams to obtain sufficient licences to cover use by two local colleges under the Warwick HEFP program.
  • Office 2011 for Mac upgrade: release Office 2011 wSP1 for Mac as a download to staff.
  • PDF Converter upgrade: release version 7.2 Enterprise as a download to staff and students.
  • MindManager upgrade: release version 9 for Mac as a download to staff and students.
  • ExpanDrive renewal: negotiation with supplier to receive acceptable renewal price, as well as receipt of several customisations to the client.
  • Investigate best value method to obtain and purchase single user licence for SAS on Linux for use in Statistics, and purchase.

October 2011

  • MindManager upgrade: release version 2012 (10) for Windows as a download to staff and students.
  • VirusScan for Mac upgrade: release version 9.1 as a download to staff and students.
  • Gather requirements for Novell site licence renewal: discussions with relevant ITS teams and wider University to establish which Novell products are required, and whether any can be discontinued to release savings (ZENWorks). Discuss implications of cancelling with NDS8 and Warwick IT teams.
  • New process for staff to purchase Microsoft Work at Home software. Following the renewal of the Campus Agreement, the process for staff to obtain WAH media has changed, meaning the media is now downloadable from Microsoft's e-procurement partner "e-academy". Document and publicise this new process.
  • TOAD for Oracle renewal: discussion with relevant ITS teams and negotiation with supplier to obatin a multi-year agreement.

September 2011

  • Symantec PGP Tender: work with the Purchasing Office to complete tender process to procure these licences for ITS Data Encryption Service.
  • MathType upgrade: release version 6.7 for Mac as a download to staff and students.
  • SAS licence renewal: obtain new licence files from publisher, communicate need to update to users, make new files available and inform Application Delivery need to update NAL version.
  • Control Point for SharePoint renewal: negotiate renewal of this SharePoint "add-on" with suppliers to allow product to be used by unlimited numbers of students.

August 2011

  • Microsoft Campus Agreement & CommVault Tender: work with the Purchasing Office to complete tender process to renew these two agreements.
  • PDF Converter upgrade: release version 7.1 Enterprise as a download fro staff and students.
  • NAL applications removal: communicate list of redundant academic applications proposed for removal from the NAL by Application Delivery and handle any concerns raised by customers.
  • Investigate feasibility of using Malware Bytes (Free) by User Support Team on University machines/seek appropriate licence model for this or similar software.

July 2011

  • Microsoft server licensing: consult with Servers & VMs team to baseline Microsoft server licence requirements for forthcoming renewal.
  • Pilot software licence database in Help Desk (dev): work with Service Management to ensure fields are appropriate to capture required software licence information, so that the system can move to "Live".
  • Investigate feasibility for a site licence for GoodSync software.
  • ArcGIS site licence renewal: following a change to available options, consult with users to change to the most appropriate and cost-effective model (move from a 10 concurrent to 31 seat model for ArcInfo, ArcView site licence retained).
  • EndNote upgrade: release version X5 for Windows as a download for staff.

June 2011

  • Continue negotiations with TrendMicro and Symantec for an encryption solution.
  • Investigate valitity of coordinating purchases/upgrades of WinEdt software between WBS, Economics, Statistics and Engineering.
  • Renewal of Sophos anti-virus (used on ITS email relays).

May 2011

  • Begin negotiations with Symantec and Civica for purchase of PGP to provide an ITS encryption service to the University.
  • Continue negotionations with TrendMicro for Deep Security, and also for their encryption product as a comparison with PGP.
  • Maple upgrade. Release version 15 for Windows, Mac & Linux as a download for staff and students' work and home machines.
  • EndNote upgrade. Release version X4.0.2 for Windows as a download for staff.

April 2011

  • Renew Oracle site licence and resolve issues in current contract (inconsistent agreement numbers, licensing metrics).
  • Investigate feasibility of running Oracle Solaris on non-Oracle (i.e. VMware) from a cost/licensing perspective.
  • Renew Maple site licence, update codes on download pages and communicate need to update old codes to users.
  • Begin negotionations with TrendMicro for their agentless anti-malware server product (Deep Security).

March 2011

  • Create and release staff download facility for Microsoft Office and Visio (for Windows).
  • NimBUS renewal: negotiation with supplier to reach agreeable price on renewing sufficient licences to cover our estate.
  • S-Plus upgrade. Release S+ 8.2 as a download for staff and students' work and home PCs.
  • Co-ordinate communications across University to ensure new Kaspersky licence has been applied in departments.

February 2011

  • MindManager upgrade. Release MindManager 9 for Windows as a download for staff and students' work and home PCs.
  • Initiate usage review of Exceed software across the University.
  • Upgrade Novell IDM Integration Module licences to a site licence.
  • Kaspersky site licence renewal. Co-ordinate licence renewal and application of new licence .KEY file across the university, ensuring all ITS-managed and non-managed machines are updated to ensure continued anti-virus protection.
  • NimBUS renewal. Work with technical teams to identify short-term requirements to allow ITS continued use of NimBUS whilst alternatives are evaluated.
  • Co-ordinate bulk licence purchase of Stata licences between IER, WBS and WMS, to realise savings offered by consolidated purchase.

January 2011

  • Baseline Microsoft licensing requirements for ITS-hosted servers.
  • SPSS upgrade. Release of SPSS 19 as a download for staff and students work and home PCs, and also announce new availability for Mac OS.

December 2010

  • Mathematica upgrade. Document and announce to staff & students the new Wolfram Research download portal introduced with the release of Mathematica 8.
  • Coordinate migration of Engineering, Physics and WMG to National Instruments “SLA-Plus” Agreement. ITS currently coordinates the renewal of a site licence on behalf of these departments. A new, more beneficial agreement is now available, to which we aim to migrate.
  • Renew SPSS site licence. A new Eduserv CHEST agreement is now available. The University’s requirements must be identified and an appropriate product bundle selected.

November 2010

  • Organise, publicise and attend Mathematica Road Show. A drop-in event allowing staff and students to see demonstrations and ask questions of the publishers of Mathematica, allowing them to take advantage of the software for their particular area of study, and in so doing achieve maximum benefit and value from our site licence.

  • PDF Converter upgrade. Release of PDF Converter 7.0 as a download for staff and students' work and home PCs.

  • Continue work with Service Management to pilot software licence CMDB module of Help Desk.

October 2010

  • Co-ordinate the downsize and renewal of TOAD for Oracle licences used within ITS Student Services.

  • Create and release staff download facility for Microsoft Office for Mac.
  • MathType upgrade. Release MathType 6.7 as a download for staff and students work and home PCs.
  • NVivo upgrade. Release NVivo 9 as a download for staff and students work and home PCs.
  • Liaison with Service Management to identify requirements for migration of software CMDB into Help Desk.

September 2010

  • Exceed upgrade. Release Exceed 14 as a download for staff and students work and home PCs.

  • EndNote upgrade. Release EndNote X4 for Mac as a download for staff and students for University machines.

August 2010

  • Mini-competition for Microsoft Campus Agreement. Working with the Purchasing Office to ensure best value is achieved with regard the University's Microsoft Campus Agreement, in line with University Financial Regulations.

  • Co-ordination of consolidated licence for COMSOL software in Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC). Previously this software was accessed using multiple disparate licences across several departments on the CSC systems. These have now been merged into a single multi-user licence, reducing administration overhead and conferring a discount for future additions to/renewals of this licence.